Near Kyanjin Gompa, Langtang 1

Langtang Valley Home

On the Langtang Valley trek we finally reached Langtang Village (3430 m) on the fourth day of the trek. And that wasn’t even our final destination. We did however have a day’s rest for...

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India Unveiled

The brouhaha around Women’s Day is doubly distasteful this year. My lip curls cynically as I scan inane advertisements for hair products, Nari Shakti (!), silk sarees (all confused – women are the essence...

Two days slow 1

Two days slow

No wonder you’re late. ” Why, this watch is exactly two days slow.”  I’ve been off the radar for two days now. Well I had a little picnic for my birthday on Sunday. It...

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Sound of love

This is a cute video, timely since it’s Valentine’s week.   “What’s the greatest expression of love?” Nandini asked Akshay. His answer was quick and also questioning. “A gesture that showcases your own individuality...

Lovely ladies in red 9

Ruby Tuesday : Love

If it’s Valentine’s Week and the colour is Red the photo I put up has to be about love. And as I’ve never been inspired to take pictures of the red plush life-size teddies...

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Aravalli Biodiversity Park

STROLL AROUND DELHI   Mondays are good for many things. Working hard! Getting back into the rhythm! They’re also fantastic for reflecting on the weekend, specially if it was wonderful and relaxing. One of...

Flags flutter 4

Skywatch Friday : Boudhastupa

  How excessive brightness can make some things seem dark. What are your thoughts on this? Uploaded for Skyley’s Skywatch Friday where you will find an impressive assortment of skies.

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Blogger Meet

THE DATE’S BEEN CHANGED TO 21.2.15 AT 2.30 PM.  I feel really close to my blogger friends. a) because they read my blog b) because I read their blogs Although that simplifies it beyond...

Standing still 19

Surajkund Fair

A visit to the Surajkund Fair is always interesting. Brave the dust and the industrial sized parking lots to be rewarded with some arresting sights and some excellent bargains if you are inclined to...