Jama Masjid 8

Chandni Chowk

This photo captures some of the traffic chaos with a glimpse of the gates of the Red Fort. The fumes here were so noxious that I covered my mouth with a cloth. Just to...

Collection of Chaos and Kalpana 8

Collection of Chaos

Reviewing a book of poetry is not the easiest thing to do. All poetry is beautiful, and if you don’t find it so it’s only because you haven’t understood the particular rhythm of the...

Horse at Langtang 14

Reds in the Langtang Valley

I trekked through the stunningly beautiful Langtang Valley in December 2014 with my daughter and a lovely group of people under the well organised and perpetually good humoured guidance of Sujoy Das’s South Col Expeditions....

images 8

Silver Separation

A story about a marriage that isn’t working is always interesting for me considering I’m constantly examining marriage and divorce, the causes for it and how it impacts everyone.  When I heard there’s a...

Looking up the hill 3

Pauri Skies

Lansdowne was the original destination. But then Pauri beckoned quite enticingly. So we braved the extra 80 km to Pauri and set out from Delhi, around dawn. Hahaha – quite a bit after dawn...

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... 7

Roses are Red

“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” said Antoine de Saint-Exupery in The Little Prince. Asking For Roses – Robert Frost A house that lacks,...

Silky smooth Gahrwal road 12

Make your road trip fabulous

My travel last year consisted of going trekking or flying out of the country. Both boil down to weight constraints and luggage restrictions which are certainly not worthy of consideration when you jump into...

Mango hedgehog 9

Mango Monday Mania

Is there anything  more evocative of the Indian summer than a mango? Maybe the call of the koel, or the sweet fragrance of raat-ki-raani, perhaps even those yellow grape like bunches of amal taas...

Mount Kinabalu 5

Traveller Decorum

This entire train of thought was set off by fellow blogger Mridula’s blog post – Culturally Sensitive Travel. I’ve been hearing reports of westerners who have added a new dimension to their travel to Cambodia...

A flowering tree in Minneapolis 14

Beautiful Minneapolis

In the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts – Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen shows Ganymede feeding ambrosia to Zeus, portrayed here as an eagle. Thursday Challenge  Beauty Some photos I took on a visit to Minneapolis.