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Me, staring into the bright future - shot by Nayantara Parikh
Divorceddoodling is looking away, showing only the curve of her cheek as she attempts to cross the street


A writer. Divorced. I write. It’s the best thing I can do. When I’m up or when I’m down but mostly when I’m upside down.   My divorce doesn’t define me. Although it helped make me who I am. As did all other experiences in my life. Marriage. Motherhood. Dogs. Cats. Travel. Yoga. Making photos. Farming. Dancing. Singing…and imagining stories – always imagining the story behind everything I see, hear, smell or feel.

My blog is now mainly about divorce and stories of divorce. Tales about life as a divorce woman, or man because the stories aren’t only mine but those of others like me who have shared their life stories, their sadnesses and their triumphs. But they’re invariably upbeat. We have enough horror stories about divorce floating around.



Contact me at : kalpanapster@gmail.com if you would like me to write for you, to review books, or if you would like your story to be featured (name changed, details blurred out in case you don’t want to be recognised).

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Other interesting facts about me

I wrote, took photographs and narrated an audio walk of Chandni Chowk for Trip My Way – Chandni Chowk which you can download on your phone by clicking the link. It’s fun, fascinating and poetic and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.


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  1. Hi!

    I left a detailed comment about domestic violence in response to your second post. I saw it awaiting moderation for some time and now I don’t see it here so I guess it did not make it to the front. I have not saved a copy. I’ll appreciate if you please return it to me at girlsguidetosurvival@gmail.com

    Desi Girl

  2. Hey Desi Girl !
    I wondered why I didn’t get one of your wonderful comments on the blog post about domestic violence. It must be lost somewhere in cyber space. What a pity. I’m curious about what you wrote…

  3. Please serach it in your spam and trash folders. It was a well researched comment. Gist will something like this: I wrote it is a myth that loud and strong women don’t get abused because they raise a din. Strong women are more vulnerable to abuse because they challenge the abuser directly. It is proved by research because they believe if they raised voice no one will belive them as compared to a silent docile women. They are more ashamed and put up a brave face as if every thing is fine. I was one of them. Here is the evidence:



    Desi Girl

  4. Just like you says:

    Would prefer to write on your private email.But I have to say the Supreme Court judgement has left me stunned.

  5. Jo says:

    Hi Divorceddoodler! I just came across your blog, its like a breath of fresh air. I have been searching for something like this on the internet. In India there are no support groups for Divorcees or someone like me awaiting divorce. I would love to know if you know any such groups or forums to meet or talk to other divorcees. Because divorce is such a taboo in India people dont understand the pain. My husband abandoned my daughter and me not once but twice and ran away, and thats ok for the society.. thats a problem between husband and wife (people conveninetly forget the 2 yr old baby girl) but because he ran away I finally applied for divorce.. now thats a sin.. how can a wife do that! I should have run after him and stayed on the footsteps of his new place even though he got a restraining order and I would be jailed. What a wonderful society we live in 🙂
    Can you guide me if there are any online or offline groups?

    Thanking you

    ps: please continue doodling 🙂

  6. Shilpa says:

    I love your blog..! I’m glad atleast one person in this country thinks like this.. I’m from Bangalore living in NY but the attitude of Indians is the same everywhere. I’m planning to apply for divorce due to incompatibility & constant fights. But my parents & family dont understand why we cant just ‘adjust’..
    btw do you write anywhere else?

  7. Anand Bhaskar says:

    Hi I’m looking for Kalpana Misra. I’m a Producer for a Norwegian TC programme about Marriage, from all aspects. Would like to speak with Ms Misra. My # is 098713 07363. Anand. Please get in touch asap !

  8. restlessjo says:

    Your background is great! Many thanks for your visit. 🙂

  9. Alison says:

    I so admire your intelligence, and your strength, and your courage and your truth-telling – especially being in India. I’m not Indian, but have visited twice and have read a little, and had an understanding that the inequities between men and women in Indian society are appalling. I’m thrilled to read a woman’s voice of both reason and dissent that I hope gives hope and power to Indian women to stand up for themselves.
    Thank you for visiting our blog, and for liking the post on why we travel.
    I wish you many blessings

    • Kalpanaa says:

      I really enjoyed your blog and appreciate your visiting mine and leaving such an understanding comment. I do think reading about what another Indian woman has been through and survived is a huge encouragement for others going through the process.

  10. Thank you so much for following my blog 🙂

  11. I have nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award, participation in strictly voluntary. Thank you for your inspiration. http://betternotbroken.com/2014/07/13/the-very-inspiring-blogger-award-thank-you/

  12. arv says:

    Hi! There’s something nice about your blog….don’t ask me what? cause I’m not sure how to answer that.
    On another note, reading the word Divorced above in this page, I was thinking its not a happy term to hear in our country. I’m sure its associated with lot of bad memories and unhappy phase of one’s life. The worst aspect is forming of preconceived notion by public about someone who’s suffered the trauma…often with no fault of their own! I believe that the one opting for divorce is strong enough to chart their own path and move away from misery! Its a step forward….

    • Kalpanaa says:

      That’s so insightful of you arv. Yes, divorce is not all bad. I’m writing more about the positive aspects – the light in the darkness.

  13. Amar Shekhar says:

    hey kalpana! I have recently published my first fiction… Thought you might be interested in reviewing it…


  14. Hemangini says:

    Your about me makes you sound like such a cute and sweet woman… I am not exaggerating here!
    Your posts about divorces and life might just give strength to those who need it, there are a lot of women out there who need to hear this things. 🙂 Your writing is wonderful 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

  15. 🙂 I am signing up for your blog simply because i liked your presentation of yourself.

  16. Hello! I am selected for the CELTA course starting in July. Was searching for some Indian blogger writing about his/her experience regarding the course, and it got me to your amazingly insightful blog posts. I now have an idea as to what to expect in those four tough weeks. Haha!
    (And since you have mentioned Maureen a lot in your posts, I would like to add that the delightful lady took my interview)
    Thank you for writing about celta inspite of all the odds. ☺

  17. TheLastWord says:

    I do not see this form on the posts. I tried a couple of posts and, no, it does not appear.

    I also notice, that you don’t seem to respond or acknowledge the comments you receive. I’m not really interested in having a one way conversation, without engagement.

    If you do see this comment, it would be great if you did let me know. It would be nice to have a chat about many things. For example, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing the CELTA course and quitting my regular gig.

    I hope you do find this comment.

    • Kalpanaa says:

      Hi Sloword – the comment form is on all the posts. Thanks for your observation that you’re not interested in a one way conversation. That is valuable feedback. I do reply and I also visit the blog of the person commenting.
      The CELTA course is a fabulous learning experience. I wouldn’t quit my regular gig immediately as it’s not that easy to come by jobs for teaching English. Getting students, if you decide to start your own thing takes a while too. So go ahead with the CELTA and build up on it slowly.

  18. TheLastWord says:

    Nope. Not on the blog posts. I’ve been blogging since 2009 and on WP since 2010. I have both .com and .org sites built on WP. Used to be a hardcore techie. Thus not a newbie. I don’t see this comment form on posts.

    The only way to follow your blog is to subscribe via email. I prefer to use the WP reader to read my blogs. Much easier for me.

    And thank you for reading my blog and liking that poem. I appreciate your visit.

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