Bad Arranged Marriage


I write about divorce in India

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9 Responses

  1. It is rather surprising that this story was set in Canada. That isn’t the usual location one associates with arranged marriages, but yes, it did make my skin crawl. Sadly, in numerous countries of the world, women are still seen as inconsequential and inferior, and forced marriages are still the norm. How terribly sad. You’re right, though. Education is an important key. Too bad females don’t have equal access to it in every country.

    • Kalpanaa says:

      Yes Susan – education is key. If you think about it though, royalty the world over ‘indulged’ in arranged marriages. Perhaps its the rich and powerful who believe that lives and aspirations are expendable when it comes to the formation of alliances.

  2. An eye opener indeed !

  3. Sometimes, arranged marriage is such an ugly sense of entitlement where the woman has no say and makes me wonder on whether freedom is for real. It’s a business deal for money and sex. It’s horrifying when we see what happens in several corners of the world, not just in poor families but many rich families where jewels substitute for love.

  4. Shilpa Garg says:

    Planet 50:50 the UN theme this women’s day looks like a distant dream after reading this.. :(..

  5. Dora Misra says:

    Too close for comfort…………….

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