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12 lessons I learnt in 2016

The first lesson I learnt in 2016 Feeling self consciousness when it comes to being photographed has always been a bit of an unsurmountable problem for me. My youngest daughter is a fabulous photographer...


Carpool crazies

I wish car pooling was as wonderful as this idealistic photo makes it out to be.  Even in this photo the car is held aloft by the common goal of the hands holding it....


#MicroblogMondays BlueMonday

The third Monday of the year (today) is called #bluemonday – because it’s the most depressing day of the year -researchers have established. Candace Giesbrecht, with the Canadian Mental Health Association says ‘low moods...


Key pose

  “ That’s a wonderful interpretation of the locust pose, dear.” “It’s a variation…” “I can see that. Is it just chance or are you wearing shoes to do yoga?” “ No no –...