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Hiking gear – the essentials

  Am just back from trekking in the Langtang Valley, Nepal so you can expect many posts on trekking, Langtang, the Himalaya, photography and of course, life. If you’re setting out on a trek...


Poet’s Collective, Lodhi Garden

  Poet’s Collective organised by the enterprising Saumya Kulshreshtha who blogs at┬áNascentemissions┬ámet on 26.10.14. Poets sat around in the shade of old monuments of Lodhi Gardens, reading out their poetry from notebooks (the pen...


Choosing Hiking Boots

I’ve been off the radar for a while because of my daughter’s wedding but here I am again, with the promise of some interesting photographs.Meanwhile, I’m preparing for my Annapurna Base Camp trek in...


Planting flowers

I’m behind on my blogs – thanks to the slow internet – MTNL are you listening?In terms of ‘wedding stuff’, I went to my favorite nursery on Tuesday, 28.1.14. Sunder Nursery. I haven’t been...