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Divorce doodling in Delhi

Lexicon of Leaving #AtoZChallenge 23

Theme Reveal 2017 #AtoZChallenge

It’s time for the theme reveal of the #AtoZChallenge that looms on the horizon again like some seemingly insurmountable peak, daunting even though we have summited before. Preparations are underway, writing muscles are being...

That ain't love 4

That ain’t love

This lovely song, with the refrain, That ain’t love, will make you laugh and lighten your dark thoughts about love, being an older woman in India who’s divorced, who thinks about love sometimes but...

A cat wonders how to unravel herself from the yarn 12

Trying to unravel

Attempt to unravel this little puzzle “There was a fireplace in the living room. I used to sit in front of it, with Richard, the light flickering on us, and on our glasses, each...


An Occasional Dream

This blog was once called Divorced Doodling. I wrote a great deal about divorce and still do occasionally. Love lost and found is love found and lost when a marriage goes sour and ends...


Divorced adultery

What does that even mean, you might well ask. After Independence Day and all it’s talk of freedom we’re experiencing a backlash of repressiveness. In more ridiculous divorce news in India a judge in...


Silver Separation

A story about a marriage that isn’t working is always interesting for me considering I’m constantly examining marriage and divorce, the causes for it and how it impacts everyone.  When I heard there’s a...


An anniversary, a cruise and a divorce

Spoiler Alert –  dil dhadakne do I  can’t let an opportunity like this pass me by when it comes to anaysing the rather regressive way the Indian public in general thinks about divorce or...

NotSpouse 7


Living with your EX after you’re divorced. Would you do it? I know people who have chosen  that option so naturally I gave it some deep thought. Research unearthed this article about Apartners. Of course...

Destructive Kindness 5

Destructive Kindness

One of the things about divorce is that you take some time to take a good long hard look at yourself and come to a realization about yourself and why things didn’t work out....