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Terra Adventures 2

Terra Adventures

“ Got anything salty to go with the drinks?” “Yep Terra Chips.” “ What’s that? Anyway, first tell me – how was your Ladakh trek? Was the food good? I’m such a gourmet – I...

This bird is definitely in the here and now. Reflecting at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. 5

Here and Now – Happiness isn’t far away

The past will always intrude on the present. I’m writing again after a gap caused by travel compounded with the exhilaration and togetherness engendered by family time. Writing is after all a solitary pursuit...

Rose quartz, aventurine and hematite for the forgiveness grid. Moonstone missing from the photo 11

Having trouble with forgiveness?

Forgiveness The word itself evokes an image of a halo, propped up with a finger. Do you want to practise forgiveness towards the person who has hurt you or has someone given you a...


4 Alternate ways to heal fever

Welcome to my Wellness blog! 4 Alternate ways to deal with Fever This first post is being written because I’m feeling really unwell today and, strangely, I find myself turning to wellness topics. Well,not...