Furry friends #Cherishedblogfest


I write about divorce in India

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16 Responses

  1. Glad to meet your friends Kalpana and they are so cute:)

  2. Paul says:

    What a fluffball — I like Daisy! I have three cats of my own, so I can understand why you dote on her. That’s nice that she’s a rescue. Good post!

  3. Dan Antion says:

    Daisy is adorable! We have always had dogs. We added a cat by accident, it would have starved without us. It quickly adopted us and we have had cats and a dog ever since. I cherish them, but I couldn’t choose one over another or even the living ones over those that have passed. I could write about them all, but never in under 500 words. I envy you your ability to cover so much ground in this post, so efficiently.

    Thank you for joining us,
    Dan – cohost – #CBF16

  4. Wendy Brydge says:

    I could never, ever be a cat person, but Daisy is lovely. What a magnificent coat she has!

  5. Daisy is so cute! We used to have a dog and cats but had to give them up when we moved overseas. I sure do miss having furry friends living with us.

  6. bikerchick57 says:

    Thanks for sharing how pets have influenced your life and those of your children. And thanks for sharing a photo of Daisy. She’s beautiful! I love the color and fluffiness of her fur.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

  7. I love the description of Daisy, the puff of smoke!
    Thanks for sharing the most cherished of objects, our pets! Kate, Co-host, #CBF16

  8. miladyronel says:

    “…and nightmares from which she’d awaken yowling. I’d leap out of bed screaming louder than her, groping for a light terrified out of my mind.” I can relate to that – Callum, one of my Rottweilers, seems to have a more vivid imagination than the ordinary dog. Daisy is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Me love them furry creatures too…!!! My childhood was filled with the joys of raising pets – rabbits, dogs and cats!!! 🙂 (and also fish, birds, turtles etc)

  10. Daisy is so beautiful. Pets are to be cherished so much more than things. Great post.

  11. A J says:

    LOL I chat with kittens and cats on my walks too! 🙂 It’s awesome that you’ve decided to write about your furry friends as part of the blogfest. Yes, they’re very much cherished in any household!

  12. darlamsands says:

    I just had my woolly cat Tilly taken to the groomer and blogged about it. The responses were lovely. Animals of all sorts really can become family. Great post!

  13. marianallen says:

    Fluffball is a good word for Daisy! I do love a calico — I never saw a Calico Persian before! We’re currently petless, and the house seems so empty. I don’t miss the hairballs or the litter boxes or the chipmunk tails or the mouse entrails, but I do miss the purrs and snuggles and catty shenanigans. 🙂

  14. So sweet. We don’t have pets because of allergies, but I feel about children the way you felt about dogs. Everywhere I go I’m sneaking in winks, waves, or smiles. There’s nothing so amazing or precious as a little one.

  15. simonfalk28 says:

    We were a pet family when I was growing up and often rescued stray critters. Sometimes they found us! So… your furry friends post makes a lot sense to me. Somehow I think having animals around us also reminds us of the need to be in harmony with our world and all the created order therein.

  16. Debbie D. says:

    Furry friends are wonderful and should be the most cherished. 🙂 Your Daisy is lovely.

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