Ghost of Jaipur Lit Fest Past


I write about divorce in India

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8 Responses

  1. I would definitely love to be there, but as you say without actually reading a there is no point in taking part in discussion. Even then, if I had a chance I would love to be there as I have never attended one before….

  2. How I wish I could attend some day and the fact that I am out of India right now…Hope I can attend and discuss the book by the author. Agree, it makes more fun if one has read the author’s book to discuss with him or her.


  3. Hmmm…This year, Its kind of become a little too commercialised and corporatised… isn’t it?

  4. shwetadave09 says:

    I would so love to visit it, miss out on all such beautiful events staying so far 🙁

  5. darlamsands says:

    That looks awesome! My current priority is spending as much time as possible rewriting a short story series. Namaste.

  6. I’ve been to Jaipur so many times, but never to the Fest. Must change that soon 🙂

  7. Rekha Menon says:

    i have never visited Rajasthan. But it’s one of my to-do in my travel list.

  8. arv! says:

    while the crowd at the fest seems to be increasing every year, some people have started giving it a slip. For some the crowd is too much, for others it has grown from literary to lifestyle fest. everyone has their reason. I attend only select sessions, giving weekends a miss!

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