I write about divorce in India

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  1. John Holton says:

    That Monty Python sketch is one of my favorites. “Wenn is das nunstuck git und Slotermayer? Ja! Beiherhund oder die flipperwalt gersput!” Totally meaningless, but has me on the floor whenever I hear it…

    • Kalpanaa says:

      Hahahaha – it really sets me off too. My mother’s German though and utterly disapproves of nonsense German. Sometimes that makes it even funnier 😉

  2. Juneta says:

    Laughter is good for the soul. Love the Picard gif. *grinning*
    Enjoyed reading. Happy A to Z Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  3. Laughter has got me through some very dark periods. Sometimes black humour but unless you are laughing AT someone I think laughter is never inappropriate.
    Shortly before my father died we had a working bee at his house. My youngest brother had been there less than five minutes when he put a pick through the gas main. The whole street had to be evacuated. No cars allowed, (for fear of an explosion) so we had to walk. Father could barely stand – and it was made even more difficult because he was doubled over with laughter. So we lurched from tree to tree up the street laughing together. And over a decade later the memory still makes me smile.

    • Kalpanaa says:

      What a fabulous story Elephant’s Child. You must have been even more popular with the neighbours than you already were since the entire family was staggering around laughing.

  4. Enjoying the ridiculous aspects of everything has been my preferred way …I so much loved your attitude here.. and this is surely going to be my mantra.Read this post along with my morning cuppa and can’t thank you enough for sharing this post. Laughter truly is infectious .

  5. QP and Eye says:

    There are few substitutes for a good belly-aching laugh. Great post and loved the Monty Python clip. Visiting from A-Z Challenge 🙂 Linda

    • Kalpanaa says:

      HI Linda – good to have you here. Laughter is so wonderful. I’m seriously thinking about Laughter Yoga although I’ve always laughed AT them when I see them in the park. Yes I know, very mean – but they didn’t notice.

  6. saracsnider says:

    Life’s too short to take it too seriously, that’s been my outlook for a while. Also, pants ripping will always be hilarious. I had a funny incident where I sneezed and popped the button off my pants haha.

    • Kalpanaa says:

      Pants ripping are so funny. Gosh I remembered another incident. I’m curious to know where you were because the button popping and ripping is so much funnier if you’re in a professional setting where you’d rather not admit to the catastrophe.

  7. Haha loved your stories! Didn’t know laughter yoga was a thing. Should check it out.

    In any relationship, at the end of the day it’s a similar sense of humor that keeps you sane. You can tell a lot about a person by observing what they find funny.

  8. They were some great stories about laughter. I love those moments that continue to make you laugh, years after they happened. Seeing people trying not to laugh always sets me off – there’s something wonderfully contagious about laughter 😀
    Today on my A-Z of my Favourite Things, L is for London.

  9. Neha says:

    A good old joke or some fun moments shared with friends make for a memorable time and can make a sad phase in our life feel lighter.

  10. Nilanjana Bose says:

    As far as I am concerned, laughter fits into the lexicon of each and every thing. If you’re happy, laughter is a natural extension. If not, laughter makes the unhappy into tolerable. Love the nonsense Gernam 🙂 sorry German. Actually, love all nonsense languages.


  11. Miss Andi says:

    Aw, I really enjoyed this post! It’s great to see how you are able to laugh at yourself – I’m still trying to learn that to be honest. If I’d been in the same situation, I would’ve felt awful and ashamed – your way is loads better!! Thank you!

  12. If this world had laughter mobs instead of the other l word (lynch), it would be a much kinder and safer place. Have had plenty of occasions when I could not control my laughter and ended up poking myself in the thigh with my pen to survive.

  13. miladyronel says:

    Laughter is the best medicine. Thanks for sharing the anecdote – I’m still giggling 🙂 Happy A-to-Z-ing.

  14. Andy says:

    You’re writing about divorce in India. Wow! I am so following your blog! I am somewhat recently divorced myself. Albeit, it has been about three or four years. But I still feel like I’m adjusting to my new life. There is nothing fast about the emotional journal that constitutes adjusting to divorce.

    Thank God for laughter :D.

  15. Never be afraid to laugh or apologize!

  16. ANITA says:

    Laughing is fun. Surely lightens the situation.
    L for laughter. Yes,it fits fine as L for Lexicon & Leaving 🙂
    ‘Little Again’ #AtoZChallenge

  17. Laughter is the best medicine. Those who can laugh at themselves are the most strongest people. And the people who laugh more tend to have a happy, healthy, long and strong life!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  18. Ravish Mani says:

    It’s good that you chose to laugh when your pants ripped. You could also choose to be embarrassed but you didn’t. See, it’s a choice. Now, you feel lighter remembering that moment. If you had chosen other option at that time then you’d depress by remembering that moment.

    By the way, laughter could be used as a tool of seduction. In fact, it was used by Cleopatra to seduce Julius Caesar. She decided she was going to be completely happy for every single minute he spent with her, so he’d associate her with just his happiest moments of his life. She decided that he was gonna laugh with her more than he had ever laughed with any other women, and it did work; didn’t it?

  19. Laughter really IS the best medicine, and your stories definitely were funny. Thanks for lightening my heart.

  20. The tearing of garment can be very awkward. But, laughter is always the best medicine to weather and ride over the storm. There is a tendency for stress to win over me during the nights and will follow your example by trying to be funny and remember a joke or two.

  21. Lalita says:

    You had me at Monty Python, though everything else in the post was spot-on. I thought of my belly-aching-laughter-inducing incidents, and had a great therapeutic laugh.

  22. Geraint Isitt says:

    We all need to laugh as often as we can, for any reason we can. Even if it is just hilarious nonsensical German

  23. Ashwini Das says:

    Laughter , the word itself many a times i have wondered is ticklish and wants us to laugh … Ripping of a pant could be awful , the way you reacted and took it in the stride got out a whole new self!

  24. Laughter is a great medicine. It makes you feel relaxed and relieved. Both the gif and the video- great shares indeed… 😀

  25. Arlee Bird says:

    I love to laugh and to make others laugh. Sometimes these days people can get so offended that it’s difficult to know when to say something I think is funny. When we forget how to laugh we’ve lost touch with a great positive healing force. Replacing laughter with anger, meanness, or solemnity is not the best answer in my opinion.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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