I write about divorce in India

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  1. Andy says:

    Having left my husband when the kids were young, I wish that he had prioritized them more when we were together. I really don’t think I would have a hard time loving him and staying in the marriage if the children had been his first priority. I could have understood that prioritization. I could have respected it.

    • Kalpanaa says:

      It is very hard when the Dad doesn’t prioritise the children. They feel so forlorn. I quite understand your disappointment in him Andy.

  2. LOVE that photo of you and your daughters.
    Being without children is something I regret.

  3. Geraint Isitt says:

    I have no children, never wanted any, but your love and pride shines through here. That won’t change. Stroke the Dalai Lama’s bald head … now that would be a blog post

    • Kalpanaa says:

      My love and pride does shine through whenever I think about my girls. Good idea – I might write about that. Hopping over to your fascinating blog later today Geraint. I had too much work yesterday.

  4. DeeDee says:

    I wish to have kids, but it seems hard.
    Your family picture looks beautiful God Bless

  5. leannelc says:

    Those girls of yours look happy and well adjusted and I’m sure they would want you to feel exactly the same way. If being married wasn’t sustainable, at least you gave them a committed family life until they were old enough to understand and (hopefully) not blame themselves for the marriage break up. They will also be a huge comfort to you and great company as they get older and have families of their own.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    • Kalpanaa says:

      Yes the girls are happy and they have no reason to blame themselves for the marriage break up – it isn’t their fault at all. They really are great company 🙂

  6. Lalita says:

    You have painted a beautiful picture of your children, who sound like adventurous, self-assured, nurturing individuals. Sometimes I feel very alone raising my own two tiny ones and will take heart in what you have captured here.

  7. inquisitivegeet says:

    This is such a beautiful post! One of my favorites so far! I’m just overwhelmed reading this! And you look so pretty and young…!!


  8. bevbaird says:

    Sometimes a divorce is the only option. I only regretted that mine didn’t happen sooner. It affected my offspring – but I do believe it helped them as well. A special post.

  9. Having offsprings bring the sense of responsibility and the motivation to keep on going with life. It was good to see you that you have made it point to not to bring your differences in keeping the family values together! Many congratulations to you for that!
    Anagha From Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  10. That’s so true. Excellent work writing this. It’s funny how family dynamics work.

  11. jazzfeathers says:

    Parents is probably the hardest job in the wolrd. Nobody can teach you how to do it, so everyone has to figure it out as they go. And in today fast changing world it’s even harder.

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir

  12. SoulMom says:

    This post touched a chord. Its true we are conditioned to put our kids before us all the time. But kids are happier without conflict at home and are much more adaptive than we estimate. About them fantasising of different parents, that could surely be the case in their teens. What with them constantly ridiculing and banging on your self-esteem. Haha!
    How wonderful to see you and your daughters, happy and beautiful! I have two daughters but haven’t posted their pics on the blog yet. Maybe I should think about it now….they will not mind, I have reservations.

  13. Rajen Parikh says:

    Bringing up the girls was the most fun part of our life. One will always have the fondest memories of those days. The “d” word was always scary but finally it happened. At that time she said, you’ll see, we’ll be better friends in the future. And she was right. So I’m grateful for this “family” which has always been a great source of comfort and joy.

  14. Arlee Bird says:

    My wife and I had 3 daughters aged from 3 to 10 when she decided to leave me and the kids. Having those girls left with me helped to keep me grounded and I’m so thankful that they were left to my care without any kind of custody battle. Their mom remained in their life, but I was their chief caretaker and influence. Thank God for that! My daughters all adults now with their own children have likewise expressed their thankfulness for that outcome. They are great young women raising their kids well.

    Divorce is not the best option for kids, but if it has to happen then it’s best when the kids stay with the parent with the most good sense and the willingness to sacrifice for their well-being.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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