Scenes From a Marriage


I write about divorce in India

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  1. Nilanjana Bose says:

    Intriguing clip. Would like to watch the film, haven’t watched this one. Kind of agree that we fall into ‘expected roles’ and people-pleasing, though i don’t think it is restricted to marriage alone. Age and experience – sort out the priorities in all relationships. Thanks for the thought provoking read.

    Best wishes,


    • Kalpanaa says:

      Age and experience do sort out the priorities and ensure we do things because they fit in with who we are rather than what we are expected to do. It’s harder to do in a marriage because its such an intimate relationship.

  2. Fascinating..
    I know I role play, but don’t know (at all) what the ‘real’ me looks like. Or how she behaves…

  3. leannelc says:

    I don’t think I need to see this – my marriage doesn’t need me second guessing things! But I did like the quote “During all this time she has let the expectations of others dictate how she behaves, but more importantly she has let these expectations become her own and allowed them to dictate how she feels, to the extent that she has obliterated all remnants of her true self. ” which ties in with my post today on Self Confidence – finding our authentic self is so important – especially in marriage.
    Leanne | cresting the hill

    • Kalpanaa says:

      I’ll read your post Leanne and I agree that finding our authentic self even within a marriage is very important – self confidence helps you do what you want to do while you’re doing things for your spouse or your family.

  4. Hmmmm. Sigh!!!

    Best wishes,

  5. valj2750 says:

    Nice. I love old movie stories, even the remakes. My Virtual Vineyard

  6. I haven’t seen this. It sounds sad.

  7. This actually sounds like a really well-written and insightful screenplay (sigh… why is it to get that nowadays?). I haven’t seen it though. Will have to try and get a copy online…

    Sarah Hoidahl – A Lovely Real Life Story of Kindness and Karma

  8. I’ve never seen this one and think it would be hard to watch although I’m sure it does hit on some universal truths. Finding the balance in a relationship and staying true to your authentic self is always challenging.WeekendsInMaine

  9. I’ve not seen this film. I think I’ve had enough marriage problems to write a story myself! Now there’s a thought – perhaps I might then profit from my losses!

    Amble Bay’s fabulous shops!

  10. Sounds like a film worth watching. Universal truths are often hard ones to recognize when one is living them.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador | Sunsets near the equator

  11. ANITA says:

    Brutally honest.
    People really are actors playing roles. Self is sacrificed when we dance to the other people’s tunes.

  12. Based on the above read, I am pretty sure I wish to watch it!

  13. D.A.Cairns says:

    Having already been through a divorce after 21 years of marriage and now struggling at times to establish a new relationship, I think I’ll give this film a miss. It looks good though.
    I know exactly why my marriage failed, and it’s the same reason most marriages fail: The two primary causes are sex and money. Sex becomes a problem because one or both of the people in the marriage stop trying to woo the other…they take the other person for granted (this familiarity does breed contempt). Money is an issue because of a cultural clash which has its roots in how a person’s parents felt about, and used money.
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thank you.

  14. Rajlakshmi says:

    I haven’t heard about this one. Sounds like an interesting take on marriage and relationships.

  15. Juneta says:

    LOL, I like the escape love tale. Too much real life gets me down and I like to hope, maybe why never married.
    Enjoyed reading. Happy A to Z Juneta @ Writer’s Gambit

  16. Andy says:

    This looks amazing. I want to see this so badly now!

  17. Ravish Mani says:

    Kalpanaa, your post tempted me to watch the movie but unfortunately it’s in Swedish. Anyway, in failing relationship mostly people start to believe themselves as unworthy and try to prove their importance and usefulness in partner’s life by offering various kinds of services. If you opt service as route to heart then one thing is sure that the person doesn’t love you but your service. You are not important but the service. Love is not the business of exchanging desires but a feeling of caring without any reason. You are not because you do things. You are; that’s why, you do things.

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